Water Damage

Water damage should not be taken lightly and should be addressed immediately. Excess water in your residence or business could cause problems like structural damage and mold infestation but a qualified water extraction service may be able to prevent these issues from occurring. The punctual, professional staff at Surge Disaster Solutions has the skills to remove water from the premises and will work hard to repair any water damage.

Surge Disaster Solutions is locally owned with statewide resources to handle any size disaster. About one in fifty homes have had a property damage claim caused by water damage. Whether stemming from a natural disaster, pipe burst, roof leak, or a minor water leak, it’s important to have a plan and stop loss quickly! If you’re seeking a water damage recovery team in Central Florida that has proven the ability to handle any size loss, Surge Disaster Solutions is ready to assist you.

We truly care for our Central Florida community and can be trusted as your locally owned storm damage resource. There are many different scenarios that cause water damage. Whether from a flood, roof leak, pipe burst, sewage back up, or from a household appliance, Surge Disaster Solutions are experienced with any water damage type. If your seeking to stop loss fast, speak with a Surge Disaster Solutions water damage consultant.

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