Meet The Surge Team

Surge Disaster Solutions is the best mold remediation and water damage repair service in the Central Florida area. We have rebuilt homes, businesses and lives for thousands of residents in the Orlando, Tampa and Miami Florida areas. After a disaster, the right response team can mean all the difference between total destruction and total recovery. Surge is family owned and family operated with a mission to protect and rebuild it’s surrounding communities.

Surge Disaster Solutions are extremely well versed when it comes to understanding insurance claims and how to handle them from start to finish from both the insured and the insurer’s viewpoint. We strive for excellence in customer service through superior communication and by paying attention to the smallest of details. When it comes to a loss of any size for your home or business, we have the resources and the knowledge to put the pieces back together as quickly as possible while maintaining quality craftsmanship in all that we do. We are there when you need us 24/7/365.

Surge Emergency Hotline: 844-767-5325